Chilliwack BC Hydro Realignment

Chilliwack residents now have two NEB processes to engage with on Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Over 200 residents filed statements of opposition to the route of the project, largely due to the risks it imposes on the Sardis-Vedder Aquifer and the City of Chilliwack and Yarrow Waterworks public drinking water wells that draw water from the aquifer. There will be public hearings about the route to address the issues raised in those statements of opposition.

Meanwhile, Kinder Morgan has applied for a route change in Chilliwack to actually move the part of the new pipeline that is closest to City wells even closer! The route change takes the new pipeline out of an area where it currently would follow a BC Hydro right-of-way to instead run along with the existing pipe on the 1953 route across Watson Elementary School and through residential neighbourhoods west of the school.

Apply online to participate in the route change hearing here.

Screenshots to have a look at that application process are here.

Hearing Schedule as one long page: png image or pdf file

For more information read on.


What You Can Do!

The NEB has announced a public hearing calling this the Chilliwack BC Hydro Route Realignment. Affected residents who wish to participate in this hearing must apply by 3:00 pm Pacific Time, 21 September 2017 according to the NEB Hearing Order. The application process is all online. You can't fill it out and send it after. To help you have a look at the application steps and prepare in advance what you want to write on it, we've posted screenshots of the process with notes here.
Opens in a new window or tab. Use up/down arrow keys to navigate, or click.
Mouse over the lower left to make controls appear.

It is important that residents know that both of the routes that are the subject of Kinder Morgan's route realignment application would put the pipeline within capture zones of City wells and neither route makes any difference regarding risk to Yarrow Waterworks wells. While working to prevent them from moving closer to City wells we also need to keep our eyes on the prize -- get the route changed to run parallel to Highway 1 where there would be NO risk to any City or Yarrow Waterworks drinking water wells. We look forward to the NEB's announcement of those public hearings.

Letters of comment to the Chilliwack BC Hydro Route Realignment were filed by the City of Chilliwack and the WaterWealth Project. They can be found at: (City) (WaterWealth)

Kinder Morgan responses can be found here (July 24 response) and here (Aug 21 response)

To help ensure residents are informed, and to support participation in these NEB processes, WaterWealth is hosted a series of casual drop-in sessions. We will continue to connect with residents as the pipeline processes progress.

Together we can ensure protection of the drinking water sources our growing community relies on!



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