Kinder Morgan's 3-Ring Circus

If you're feeling confused about the pipeline processes in Chilliwack don't worry,
so is everyone else!

Think of it as a 3-ring circus...



There's the main event - the detailed route process for the expansion project where we try to get the route across the Sardis-Vedder Aquifer rejected in favour of the Highway 1 route where the pipeline(s) would not threaten community drinking water sources (and a bunch of other important community assets). Over 200 of us filed statements in that one. Now we're preparing as we await announcement of the hearing schedule.

Sideshow number one - is kind of secret. This sideshow is the NEB facilitated "Appropriate Dispute Resolution" (ADR) process that the City is engaged in with Kinder Morgan. We don't get to see this sideshow, much less participate in it. We'll only see the outcome. Let's hope the City is not negotiating away the safety of Yarrow Waterworks wells in exchange for some concession in the route portions that are the subject of...

Sideshow number two - the public hearing that was the subject of the Progress story (print edition) on Sept. 6. Contrary to what was reported in that story the hearing process started the same day, with the publication of a notice in that very same newspaper edition (pages 28/29). This is over route options in a little 1.8 km section where the company wants to move the new pipeline that is already too close to City wells even closer! Anyone who wants to have a say in this hearing has to apply to the NEB online by 3pm Sept 21. Most of the hearing steps for those who choose to be intervenors will be finished before Christmas, with the conclusion in the new year.

crazyclown3.jpgCrazy that individual residents have to get together to protect something so basic to a community's wellbeing as clean drinking water, but here we are. WaterWealth has two more open meetings scheduled ahead of the Sept 21 deadline to get into Sideshow number 2.  Hope you can make it!





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