Water Loves Business, Business Loves Water!

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Water loves a good read. This time around, it's on the hunt for The Stó:lō-Coast Salish Historical Atlas. — at The Book Man. Water's got places to be... this scooter from Environmentally Electric can help it get there in style! 9264 Main St, Chilliwack, BC
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Tea time! — at Apeldoorns. At District Public House they know good beer needs good water.
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Speaking of water wealth, have we mentioned our local sport and food fisheries yet?! — at Fred's Custom Tackle. "Hey, have you met my friend Water yet?" Sign the Water Wealth Declaration and help build the support!" — at Hofstede's Country Barn
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Water's staying strong so that it can defend itself against bitumen — at Iron House Weightlifting Inc. Even though water's not a villain, it sure knows how to chill like one. — at J. Ballam Furniture.
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Water is kicking it new school at Payton & Buckle Fine Footwear. Water loves the good folks at Signal Signs & Graphics for all the great fliers they have pumped out for The WaterWealth Project!
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Water makes life sweet. Thanks for the support Sticky's Candy! Water is part of everyone's life — at Uptown Grill
X-treme Hobbies is into water, and it is obviously mutual!    

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