Ceremony to honor the Water Spirits and Wild Salmon


Elder Eddie Gardner:

We benefit from what our environment produces through natural laws, our environment must benefit from what we produce in respecting natural laws.

In 2013, we had a wake up call as Chilliwack had to submit to chlorinating our drinking water that was known as the best drinking water in Canada.

Water Wealth Project sparked protests against Nestlé Company that was drawing massive amounts of water from the Fraser Valley aquifers to bottle, and sell to people in Western Canada. This resulted in the BC Liberal government putting forth the proposed “Water Sustainability Act” that requires Nestlé to pay fees to the province and have some regulations in place. Although the fees proposed to date are ridiculously low, the new legislation is at least a small beginning to protect our sacred waters from needless exploitation. Out of this controversy, global warming was featured as a major concern and people are coming to realize that water is a shrinking, finite resource that cannot be taken for granted.

Global warming is resulting from human behavior that goes against natural laws. Kinder Morgan, Enbridge, and “Fracking for Gas” all go against natural laws. In 2014, we are coming to a fork in the road in BC. All British Columbians will need to be fully informed and engaged in choosing short-term benefits and long-term costs to our economy, environment and human health these projects have to offer, or prevent a disaster by saying “NO” to these projects to protect the current economy and the environment, and push for reducing fossil fuel dependency and moving towards clean energy technologies.

The Net-Cage Aquaculture industry poses great threats to the marine environment and to the survival of wild salmon, a key stone species to BC’s ecosystem that includes supporting a lucrative economy involving sports fisheries, eco-tourism and Indigenous fisheries. Let us continue to strongly advocate for the removal of net cage fish farms from the migration routes of Fraser River sockeye salmon.

Let’s start 2014 by honoring the elemental forces, the life giving waters, the air we breath, the earth, and the magnificent gift no other part of the world has – wild sockeye salmon.

Bring your love and reverence for the sacred waters and wild salmon, bring your drums and rattles, bring information you may want to share about protecting what is life sustaining for the benefit of future generations.

See you at the Vedder Bridge parking lot in Chilliwack on January 1, 2014 at 10:00 am! OCM!

January 01, 2014 at 10:00am - 12pm
Vedder Bridge Parking Lot
Chilliwack, BC
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