The Best Medicine for Climate Change is Action!


WaterWealth volunteers are taking action with a climate-focused watershed monitoring program. It's hugely ambitious, and it's already delivering successes like restoration of Deer Creek Off-Channel where salmon spawned last Fall for the first time in many years. We're also linking up with groups throughout BC to better care for the freshwater we all depend on.

But late in 2021, extreme weather destroyed equipment and COVID-19 meant we couldn't do our usual year-end fundraiser. So right now, we're making a special request for support. WaterWealth needs $1,000 for annual liability insurance costs, and $3,000 to replace temperature loggers before summer.

Like drops in a rainstorm, any donation can help create the flood of support to meet those needs, and even reach our stretch goals!

  • Any additional $100 could allow us to upgrade one site to a newer model temperature logger that has up to 5 year battery life!
  • $400 would let us switch our website and database platform to gain new capabilities and lower our monthly costs!
  • $700 could set us up with live traps and equipment for fish surveys!
  • $800 could get us a drone to scout waterways in tough terrain and share the incredible beauty of this watershed in video! ✔
  • The list goes on. Dare we dream!?

Donating to support effective and cost-effective community science is one way to take action on climate now!

Whether or not today is a good day for you to contribute financially, please help put the “crowd” in crowdfunding by sharing this fundraiser with your friends, family, and social networks. Copy this shortened URL to make sharing easier!


22 March - A local business offered us the use of their drone! Check that off our stretch goal list!

01 April - Thanks to the generosity of all of you, 2022 insurance certificates received!

21 April - Pacific Salmon Foundation approved a grant request for $1021 to go to temperature loggers and batteries!

We're well on our way to 2022 being a solid year for putting more caring eyes in more places more often locally, and networking for strong freshwater protection throughout B.C. Please keep sharing this page so more like-minded folks can check out WaterWealth's work!


Who's donating

Michael Hamilton-Clark
Angela Moore
Paul Aquino
Judi chalmer
Len Zilkowsky
David Burdge
John McNamer
Andrea Sheppard
Sara Ciantar
Dave Stephen
Nikki Rekman
Tom Lord
Daphne Clegg
Molly Armstrong
Denis Knopp
Sara Ross
Rita Wong
Ria Cooke
Cary Stephen
$1,645.00 raised
STARTING GOAL: $4,000.00

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