Aevitas wants to build a hazardous waste recycling plant,

right beside the Fraser River!




Despite widespread opposition,

the City of Chilliwack has approved it.


But we live in an earthquake_zone.png


"Seismic experts say we can expect a major destructive earthquake in British Columbia. We don't know when this will happen. But we do live in a region where some of the largest earthquakes in the world occur.”



And above the Aevitas site are the Bridge River Dams.


The one furthest up is the Lajoie Dam, an earthen dam from the 1950's



 Image : Public Domain,


A recent study found seismic risks at some BC Hydro dams

are higher than previously estimated.

Hydro are buying all the homes below the Jordan River Dam.

That's not an option with the Lajoie Dam, and

the Lajoie Dam needs major seismic upgrades!


Upgrades that won't be completed until 2024!


"Hydro also has plans to upgrade LaJoie Dam in the upper Bridge River Valley to bring it up to current acceptable seismic (earthquake) safety standards.”

"These changes are required due to significant ongoing leakage problems at the dam. In advance of major dam safety upgrading of the facility anticipated for 2024”



Earthen dams can fail, Mount Polley showed us that.



If the Lajoie Dam were to fail


the result would be catastrophic!


"A breach of the upstream dam, causing subsequent failure of the downstream dam, would result in a catastrophic flood at Hope significantly larger than the estimated 10,000 year return period event. The time to the flood peak at Hope would be about 11 hours following the start of the breach."


 The plan for flood at the hazardous waste plant is to evacuate.


"Chilliwack director of engineering David Blain wrote in a report that the site is within an area of “moderate” earthquake risk and subject to flooding when the river floods.

Blain stressed safety measures are planned to protect the river from contamination. They include an emergency flood evacuation plan as well as a fire response plan.”


But the roads in the area are built

 on ground of moderate to high liquefaction risk!



 Map: BC Geological Survey


 And even if the roads don't look like this after an earthquake...




How will trucks get in and out of the hazardous waste site in time,

when the whole city is evacuating!?



 Image: Highway 1 traffic cam


We're not sure the city really thought this through.


But the province still can.


A flood of the magnitude that would occur in the event of failure of the Lajoie Dam would be a disaster. Let's not make it worse by putting a hazardous waste plant in its path. It would be an inexplicable and inexcusable contradiction for the province to allow this hazardous waste facility to be built in flood plain on the banks of the Fraser River in light of the information presented in the province's own flood scenarios report.


Sign the petition to tell the Minister of Environment

that the banks of the Fraser are no place for a hazardous waste plant!



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