Who Will Do The Most to Protect Our Home Waters?

Wavote03.jpgnt to vote for water but don’t know who to elect? The Candidate Report Card grades are in!



After hours of careful deliberation, the WaterWealth Project is happy to provide YOU – the voters – with a tool to select the candidate that will do the most to protect our home waters.

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The full report cards below were generated using three sources:

  1. Candidates’ responses to a questionnaire sent to the candidates by the WaterWealth Project (Click HERE to read the questionnaire.  Individual responses are HERE);
  2. The transcript from the WaterWealth Project’s All Candidates Conversation (Click HERE to watch a recording of the Candidates Conversation on Livestream); and
  3. Each party’s official platform (available at the parties' websites).

The candidates, along with the party platforms, are graded according to the following scale:

A – Excellent            B – Good            C – Poor            D – Very Poor            E/F – Fail

BC Election 2013 Report Card for Chilliwack-Hope Candidates

[Click on image below for PDF]


BC Election 2013 Report Card for Chilliwack Candidates

[Click on image below for PDF]








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