Fraser Valley Regional District
District of Kent (Agassiz)
Langley City
Langley Township

Our wealth is in our water. Many local people – especially in the agriculture, fishing and tourism sectors – depend on water for their livelihoods. But our waters give us more than financial revenue. Water wealth is also about the physical, spiritual, cultural and ecological prosperity that water makes possible. All living things depend on healthy water. Our land, food and life-support systems are all powered by fresh clean flowing water.

So as we prepare to go to the polls on Friday November 15th to elect those representatives who live and work closest to our own home waters, how do those vying for our votes measure up on protecting our shared water wealth?

What do they see as the top threats to local waterways and aquifers?

How concerned are they about developments that might put those waterways and aquifers at risk?

Given that fresh water is one of the cornerstones of our quality of life we thought these important questions to ask, so we emailed a brief survey to the 139 candidates* in the upper Fraser Valley. Many simply did not respond. That in our view sets the ones who did respond apart and we thank them for their diligence during what is undoubtedly a high-pressure time for them.

Via the links to the left you can see for yourself who answered and how. We have presented their answers as we received them, without commentary. Responses may still be coming in, so check back for updates. Our thanks go to Wayne Froese at Community-reVision.org for his tireless work on the presentation of these survey results.

* We were not able to find email addresses for;

- Dennis Adamson FVRD Area D
- Orion Engar FVRD Area E
- John Hansen Harrison
- Bob Erickson Hope
- Robert Haley Hope
- Wilfried Vicktor Hope
- John Van Laerhoven Kent-Agassiz

Authorized by the WaterWealth Project Society under the LECFA, 604­-858­-8021


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