Q & A with Sheila Muxlow about Canada Water Week

WaterWealth has been in the news lately! Campaign Director Sheila Muxlow answered a journalist's questions earlier this week - scroll down to learn more about the WaterWealth Project and our action-packed Canada Water Week plans.

1. What is mobile story capture? Is it something that you do on an iPad, or other device? What is its purpose?


We are using iPads and other mobile devices go to public places and conduct a survey with questions about the relationship local residents have to water, their concerns about threats, and their thoughts on what is needed to protect our water wealth. The goal of The WaterWealth Project is to protect our home waters through 100% community control; By going out and connecting with members of the community, we are taking a first step in that direction.

2. What is the Hope Station? I can't find this anywhere, and the address provided (Junction of Hwy #1 and Hwy #3) is too vague for our readers.

The Hope Station is the old train station building in Hope which has been retrofitted into a community center run by the Hope Station House Arts and Heritage Society. It is at 111 Old Hope Princeton Way.

3. I also can't find "Community Celebration of World Water Day" anywhere. Is it the right name? Do you a have link to the doc description?

We have it listed on our website at: http://www.waterwealthproject.com/hope_water_week

4. Apart from what's in the release, is there something else happening on Water Day, March 22?

There are events happening all over Canada in celebration of Canada Water Week and World Water Day, however in the Fraser Valley there is also a host of rallies being sponsored by BC Watersheds along with Friends of Deroche Mountain to oppose the Aggregate Pilot Project which threatens to create safe havens for gravel mining within the Fraser Canyon and Fraser Valley despite the risks to the local watersheds. I believe you can find more info on their facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/BC-Watershed/158101784206567  or call Wendy Bales at 604-820-1451

5. How would you recommend for people to celebrate Water Day and Water Week? (Apart from attending the events.)T

Take some time to think about where our water comes from and how much it offers to us, not only in terms of drinking water, but also as a life support system for our local economy, recreation opportunities and cultural heritage. Use Water Week as an excuse to get to understand some of the threats to our home waters like the Kinder Morgan pipeline, fish farms, gravel mining and industrial agriculture. Than talk to at least 5 other people, including our politicians, about why it is important that we address these threats and prioritize protecting our home waters. All too often we take for granted the benefits that we get from our living fresh water systems. If we want to ensure that these benefits are around for the long-term than we need to invest in safeguarding them. By using Canada Water Week as an opportunity to celebrate out water wealth and understand the developments that threaten to take it away, we can start to create the change we need to ensure our home waters are protected.

6. What kind of a response has WaterWealth had from the community so far?
It has been amazing. Lots of community support from a wide range of community members from all political stripes. It is apparent that water is something that brings people together in the Fraser Valley and that there is a clear interest in learning more about how to ensure our home waters are protected.


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