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WaterWealth Project & MEC partner for Home Waters

At WaterWealth we believe that water is precious. We believe that our wealth is in our water -- the economic, physical, spiritual, cultural and ecological prosperity that water makes possible. The WaterWealth Project is about taking a fresh approach to economic well-being, one that respects the needs of all living beings and provides the foundation for healthy, thriving communities.

We believe that those who call a place home must have authority to say 'yes' or 'no' to decisions that affect the wealth of their water. Through real relationships and a deep democracy that recognizes First Nations rights and title and the fact that we are all here to stay, we can work together to build new structures that ensure that our children and their children will enjoy undiminished the water wealth we benefit from today.

To that end, WaterWealth seeks to to amplify the voices of local community members who love the place in which they live, the nature around them, and the waters that sustain them.  This is why we are pleased to partner with Mountain Equipment Co-op in the MEC Homewaters campaign; a multi-year project dedicated to preserving Canada’s fresh water from coast to coast. 

MEC and MEC-members share our passion for the protection of the fresh water places that sustain us and for being on, in and under the waters year round with humbleness and appreciation for all that our shared home waters provide. We are all one community and that community is uniquely able to give witness to the diverse value of our shared home waters, the threats these powerful yet fragile waters may face and the solutions that are needed.

We recognize that the actions of today drive the outcomes of tomorrow. Unless ordinary people work together to protect their water now, the future will be uncertain.

Our wealth is in our water. Let's protect it.




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