Overhaul the BC Water Act

BC_Water_Act.jpgSo it's summer time and I know you have better things to do than write letters to politicians, but when water is so essential to our summer time fun I thought you would agree that taking one minute to help ensure we have better fresh water protection is something worthy of your time. 

Essentially we have a strategic opportunity to affect the outcome of the BC Liberals plans for the BC Water Act, but we need to act now!

We have gone through two elections where the BC Liberals have made an election promise to overhaul the highly inadequate BC Water Act. With their recent success they are drafting their priorities for the coming years. They need to hear from you that water protection is something that must make the top of their list!

As a member of our community in the Fraser Valley, it would mean a lot if you sent in a letter MLA John Martin or MLA Laurie Throness and tell them that you want to see an overhaul of the BC Water Act and ensure needed protections for our home waters.

To make it easier, we crafted a letter for you that you can send in with only a few clicks. That said, please feel free to cut, paste and adapt the text to your own language as unique letters tend to have more impact.

Thank you in advance for your time to contribute to the changes we need to see to protect our home waters as they should be so we can enjoy them today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

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