Overhaul the BC Water Act

At present, BC's rivers, lakes, streams are managed by legislation crafted in 1909. The BC Water Act is in desperate need of an overhaul and the BC government needs to hear from you to ensure it happens in a good way. For example BC is one of the last jurisdictions in North America not to have regulation on groundwater extraction, we also don't have laws that protect water as a human right or a need for healthy waterways.


In fact, right now, multi-million dollar corporations like Nestle in Hope, BC are draining millions of litres for free and they do not have to ask anyone for permission to do so. Groundwater is essential for our drinking water aquifers, surface water temperature regulation and healthy fertile earth to grow our food. But the deficiencies with our water laws go beyond just the absence of groundwater regulation. In fact it's just the tip of the iceberg.

At the moment we have increasing pressure on our home waters from industrial expansion and development projects; yet we do not have laws that protect water and all the benefits our aquifers, rivers and lakes bring to our community. 

We must see an overhaul of the BC Water Act and see water protected as it should be! 

Please take a quick minute to sign and share this letter to Premier Christy Clark, Environment Minister Mary Polak and the MLAs for Chilliwack & Chilliwack-Hope John Martin & Laurie Throness. Join in with other community members and help ensure that water law is reformed to ensure the waters of our communities are protected as they should be.nestle_just_tip_of_iceberg_(2).jpg

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