Bit of an update on the route change process (Kinder Morgan's changes)

Kinder Morgan asked the NEB to consider the PPBoR on route variances at the same time as the variances themselves. NEB refused because after they approve a variance it has to be approved by the Governor in Council and only then can PPBoR be considered.

- people have till July 17 to comment on the variances - route & process;
- the board will consider the variances and if they approve them;
- they go to Governor in Council for approval;
- then there will be a detailed route process on the route segments the variances are in.

In June 26 letters to Kinder Morgan, which Kinder Morgan sent out to process participants July 4, for each variance the Board provides links to their information requests on the variances and KM's responses. They invite comment until July 17 on impacts and effects of the realignment, and process steps the Board should take in assessing the variance applications.


"At this time, the Board invites all interested persons of the Chilliwack Realignment to provide written submissions to the Board in relation to the proposed Chilliwack Realignment. Such submissions may only include comments and concerns about the impacts and effects of the proposed Chilliwack Realignment, and/or additional process steps, if any, that the Board should establish as part of its assessment process for this application under section 21 of the NEB Act."

"Comments about the Board’s original recommendation on the TMEP will not be considered. Further, comments about the detailed route approval process will not be considered at this time. The Board will establish a process for the detailed route in future, and communicate publicly at a later date. For the purposes of this letter, comments must be specific to the Chilliwack Realignment."

Documents on the realignments can be found here.



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