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We want our political representatives to know that they are expected to stand up decisively for our home waters in the Fraser Valley. Based on what we heard through our surveys and story mapping, we have developed a community declaration that we ask the people of our region to sign.

Please add your signature to the declaration and make your commitment to protect the precious streams, lakes and aquifers of the Fraser Valley. Make your voice count.  THANK YOU.

The WaterWealth Declaration

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we have to stand up for our resources, use them wisely to help our country and its citizens profit, not multinational corporations
signed 2013-04-20 14:34:16 -0700
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I am an Austrian girl and have spent many free days of my youth hiking in the mountains and drinking from pristine mountain springs, eating wild blueberries and strawberries and swimming in clear blue lakes. I never could imagine that things could be different until I discovered how much damage industrialization and large scale farming can do to the water and the things that live in and around it and the people that drink it and depend on it for sustenance. There is little more important than to protect our water and our lands for future generations and the life they sustain.
signed 2013-04-19 18:06:55 -0700
For years I’ve been trying to tell people of the Thousands of miles of rivers being sold for just $500 for 9 miles. Half of that water can be re-directed and piped away. The world Monetary Fund stated, that the next World War will be fought over water, and now we even have fracking. The insanity or lack of care for the people and the land and all that lives on the land and in the water is just to obscene to even comprehend.
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Water is life – protect it.
signed 2013-04-18 01:36:36 -0700
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Fresh water is under threat all over this province from mining, dumping and fracking among others. We must all stand together to protect our most precious resource: Water!
signed 2013-04-17 22:42:58 -0700
great work
signed 2013-04-17 22:33:37 -0700
I live across the Shuswap Lake from a world class salmon river, the Adams.

If we do not protect the Fraser watershed between here and the ocean, that run is at risk. If we continue to allow feedlots on our coast, this run is at risk.

The salmon do not have time for us to dither any longer.
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Sign the Declaration: protect Fraser Valley home waters and all of BC's water basins!
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