The WaterWealth Project has been privileged to be selected as one of five water groups across the country to take part in Small Change Fund's National Freshwater Fund Program.

This means that until we reach $5000 or until October 31, any donations made through the Small Change Fund site will be matched 2 for 1 by the National Freshwater Fund. Every dollar donated means three dollars to WaterWealth for the protection of our shared home waters.

WaterWealth's goal is to evolve water governance with new models that can be adapted and emulated anywhere. We see a time when freshwater is truly protected for the long term, for the physical, spiritual, cultural and ecological prosperity that water makes possible.

Please contribute if you can, and share the word with others to support the long term protection of our shared home waters, wherever we may call home. Even if the $5000 mark is reached and the matching funds no long apply, be assured that every dollar donated will be used with the utmost care to ensure that our small staff and dedicated volunteers make the maximum impact with every cent.


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