Something New for You!

-- Guest Blog by Jordon from the Chilliwack-Fraser Rotaract Club --

Do you remember the last time you did something completely new?

WaterwealthBlogTitleImg_200x.jpegWas it trying a new activity, or maybe mustering up the courage to go on a daring roller coaster?

What was the experience like?

Did it make you feel good in some way, or were you scared because it was so out of your comfort zone?

That’s how we felt when we discussed with Waterwealth about monitoring one of our local streams.

For our Chilliwack-Fraser Rotaract Club, science isn’t something we do every day: we’re a volunteer club focused on making a positive impact in the world around us through our actions.

We saw this as an opportunity to learn something new AND have an impact on the environment.

Natural streams can disappear due to environmental changes, and this can really impact local wildlife, especially fish populations like salmon!

But how were we, a small volunteer club with little background in science, supposed to keep track of a stream?

With help from Ian and April at Waterwealth, we overcame our knowledge barriers, fear, and self-doubt, and learned all the ins and outs on how to measure a stream’s quality.

You’ll see in this video that we had lots of fun doing it too!

WaterwealthBlogImg1.jpgEven though it was very uncomfortable at first, our club is so glad that we took this chance to learn something new. We launched the first data logger for Waterwealth’s climate monitoring program!

But one isn’t enough.

Waterwealth is looking for more action-takers to help monitor our streams.

If you like to step out of your comfort zone, take up stewardship, and help your community, or if you like nature get involved with Waterwealth!


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