Speak Up for Luckakuck Creek & Responsible Housing Developments

luckakuck_Creek.jpgThe headwaters of Luckakuck Creek are a part of the unique waterways that make Chilliwack such a special place to call home. It bubbles up from the glacier-fed aquifer that is the source of our drinking water and provides a soothing space for fish, ducks, raccoons and humans alike. As of late the headwaters have come under threat by a proposed housing development. Local residents have been successful in delaying the project, but the proposal has come back to City Hall. The development would pave over the natural creek bed and the seasonal ponds, as well as remove the 60 year old trees and other vegetation that provides habitat for creatures of the area.

Official Community Plan consultations with Chilliwack residents have indicated overwhelming support for protection of streams and drinking water.  WaterWealth and residents in the area of the proposed development believe that the development can occur without negatively impacting Luckakuck Creek and could even restore the creek to the vibrant salmon habitat that it once was, enhancing values of surrounding properties, old and new.

Please come to the Council meeting on Tuesday October 15 to express your views on this development and join in on supporting development that ensures our home water ways are protected as they should be.

October 15, 2013 at 7:00pm - 9pm
City Hall of Chilliwack
8550 Young Rd
Chilliwack, BC V2P 8A4
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