Watershed Restoration Conference 2019


Got word the conference is cancelled!

Very disappointing. Especially since people were being so generous
with their support for WaterWealth to attend.

The Fraser Watershed Restoration Conference 2019 is was to be a 2-day event to bring together Indigenous leaders, industry experts, government representatives, academics, community officials and conservationists who are interested in advancing watershed restoration, and reconciliation with First Nations.

Your support to send WaterWealth to the conference will would have help(ed) ensure a grassroots community presence at this important inaugural event of the Fraser Watershed Initiative. With $600 we can could have cover(ed) one NGO ticket plus travel and accommodation costs. With $1200 we can could have sendt both our Program Director and our Streamkeeping Coordinator!

WaterWealth will would have report(ed) out on social media, our blog, and by email to our supporters on the conference and how it might have complimentsed our work to support the evolution of community watershed monitoring, and our new climate monitoring program.

Thank you! Oh well. :-(

Of course if you'd like to donate to help support all of WaterWealth's other work to promote and protect the water we drink, recreate in and on, and that supports the natural abundance and beauty we all enjoy and benefit from so much, that would be super!

In any case, thank you for the interest that brought you to this page in the first place.

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Mary-Lee Merz
Mike Evans
Dave Snook
Dave Stephen
Angus McAllister
$1,050.00 raised
GOAL: $1,200.00

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