WaterWeath Version 2.0!

WaterWealth has been doing this 'caring for our shared home waters' stuff for a while now, and we've learned a thing or two. For instance, from the water bottling industry and Trans Mountain.

Responding to requests for information from residents of the Chilliwack River Valley regarding a water bottling proposal recently, we were looking at the numbers around water licencing and bottling and thinking along the lines of;

wwp_money.jpg"Hang on. You've got the decimal wrong. You've converted cubic metres to litres wrong. You've forgotten how many digits there are in billion."

But no, the numbers were right. So then we thought "Why are we not selling bottled water? It's like a licence to print money!" So we're updating our tagline from "Our Wealth is in Our Water, Let's Protect It!" to "Our Wealth is in Our Water, Let's Cash In!"

From now on when our streamkeepers are around the streams -- you know, "keeping", like they do -- they'll also be keeping an eye out for the millions and millions of plastic water bottles that don't get recycled each year. While checking water quality or whatever, they'll also rinse those bottles, slap on our label and put them up for sale!

wwp_bottled_water.jpgYou'll know the water's clean and fresh because we know where the good streams are and we'll have just tested it before filling the bottles. We promise not to sell any water with turbidity worse than 60 cm, dissolved oxygen less than 8 ... well, 7 ... well it might vary a bit. But at least better than 5 mg/l. We also promise to only sell water with pH within a range that's not deadly.

If we bottle just 1% of the volume of Nestlé's plant in Hope, BC, and we sell it for just 10 cents per litre, we'll make $364,991.79 a year! After paying $8.21 in water rental rates to the province that is.  

Of course you may also want to know that fish haven't been bumping uglies in the water that went into your bottle. So to make sure that doesn't happen we'll be using some of our first profits to put WaterWealth branded snow fences into streams at our favourite bottle filling locations! Better birth control than having grandma walk in on you. And at about $29 per roll for snow fence, cheaper than a motel room! (Maybe that's a bad analogy since fish would rarely if ever have grandma show up and they probably wouldn't notice if she did, but you get the point. Snow fence is ... well at least might be ... an actual effective spawning deterrent. Trans Mountain said so.)

wwp_spawningmat.jpgThe whole snow fence idea we learned from Trans Mountain, when they did it in seven BC streams and then told the BC Environmental Assessment Office:

"Trans Mountain understands that authorizations or permits from either federal, provincial or municipal levels of government with respect to the installation of fish spawning deterrents are not required, as long as the installation itself is carried out in a manner that avoids serious harm (e.g. prior to the arrival of migrating fishes)."

And the province never did anything about it except to inexplicably issue a $230 ticket for only one of the seven installations. So, 6 times out of 7 at least we're good to go! And with the kinds of profits we're looking at, a ticket once in a while on the scale of a traffic ticket isn't as scary as a lamprey's face.

lamprey_face.jpg(Don't judge them for it. They're actually super cute when they're not making the "I'm going to eat you!" face. And they're not going to eat you. Unless some mutate super huge or something. That probably doesn't usually happen.)

Just think how proud you'll feel drinking your WaterWealth branded bottled water and knowing your purchase is helping to;

  • monitor the health of local streams;
  • expand our streamkeeping program into climate monitoring;
  • work to move Trans Mountain's pipeline away from City and Yarrow drinking water sources, schools, residential areas, salmon habitat enhancement areas, and the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve (because who in their right mind puts a pipeline there?), and best of all;
  • change the regulations and policies that allow us to extract water for almost free and with little to no government oversight!

So make sure the water you drink is WaterWealth branded bottled water!

Our Wealth is in Our Water, Let's Cash In!


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