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We've received some truly passionate and eloquent comments in response to our declaration. These will be shared with our politicians along with all the signed declarations so that they know how important water is to all of us. Thanks and keep on sharing!


Take care of our water NOW, before it’s too late!

Shira Moir-Smith, signed Declaration  May 5, 2013


Water is Life itself.

John Groga, signed Declaration May 3, 2013


Waterways are the blood vessels of mother earth. And the water her blood…

Joanne Hugh


Protect our waters to protect our health!

Maddie Knickerbocker, signed Declaration May 2, 2013


Protect our rivers and water, please!

Julie Bishop, signed Declaration May 1, 2013


Only protecting the environment will ever make the world a safer place with benefit for all.

Beth Carter, signed Declaration April 30, 2013


The Fraser and its Delta are a hugely valuable natural resource facing great threats. Let’s turn around the desecration.

Bob and Helen Nation, signed Declaration April 30, 2013


I recreate and make a living off free flowing streams for teaching paddling. The small private hydro projects are costing BC its reputation as the premier destination for whitewater canoeing and kayaking!

Ryan Bayes, signed Declaration April 28, 2013


I have lived in Chilliwack my whole life and I have always loved our water. It is so disappointing that it has been chlorinated.

Gloria Wagner, April 27, 2013


We are God’s children, born into this world, and as living Beings- have the right to clean natural water sources.

Corinne Mackenzie, Signed Delcaration April 26, 2013


Having enough fresh water will be our most pressing concern in the years to come. It’s up to us to be responsible stewards of this precious resource.

Dawn Adams, signed Declaration April 24, 2013


The salt and fresh waterways of BC should be held protected as a collective part of the Cascadian Bio-Region with consideration given to our neighbors south of the border whom share watersheds and the Bioregion with us. No water source should be allowed to be sold for private use or leased for extended periods of time without public input and complete assessment of the environmental and social impacts. It’s time to stop selling our future and our children’s future as GDP.
Patrick Newman, signed Declaration April 24, 2013


The citizens have the right to control their water…not the corporations controlling it for their own monetary benefit! Do not let the corporations bully you into letting them have those water rights!
Ray Duhaime, signed Declaration April 23, 2013


In the wake of potentially devastating consequences of amendments to the Navigable Waters Protection Act, which likely is the unstated free pass to strip mine and frack with no consequences to corporate profiteers, the Government of BC has an urgent responsibility to step in with regulations to offset the Federal Government’s abrogation of responsibility for water, the blood of the earth.
Terence Stone, signed Declaration April 23, 2013


Our waters all eventually mingle from East coast to West, and every where in between. Water is as important to protect as personal freedom.
Laurel Andrews, signed Declaration April 23, 2013


We have to stand up for our resources, use them wisely to help our country and its citizens profit, not multinational corporations.
John Kershaw, signed Declaration April 21, 2013


I am an Austrian girl and have spent many free days of my youth hiking in the mountains and drinking from pristine mountain springs, eating wild blueberries and strawberries and swimming in clear blue lakes. I never could imagine that things could be different until I discovered how much damage industrialization and large scale farming can do to the water and the things that live in and around it and the people that drink it and depend on it for sustenance. There is little more important than to protect our water and our lands for future generations and the life they sustain.
Alexandra Halliday, signed Declaration April 20, 2013


Fresh water is under threat all over this province from mining, dumping and fracking among others. We must all stand together to protect our most precious resource: Water!
Kerry Davis signed Declaration April, 18, 2013




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